TroopsDirect is different and we take our mission very seriously.

It started with a simple care package to a long time friend, fellow USC Trojan and Marine Corps Captain deployed to one of the bloodiest regions of Afghanistan. His email of thanks not only expressed his gratitude but also the need for him to share the contents of my package with the 150 Marines under his command. It was then that I realized that there were thousands of servicemembers on the front lines who were in desperate need of an ongoing supply of the essential staples that would keep them healthy, sharp, motivated…and alive.

So my quest began with the goal of giving our frontline servicemembers anything and everything I could possibly muster. The difference however was that I wasn’t going to do it one soldier or Marine at a time in shoe box sized packages but rather at unprecedented levels. I would ship to entire units in bulk. For the uninitiated, that is upwards of 1000 servicemembers that would be supported in a single shipment. Furthermore, I was going to take the guesswork out of the process and communicate directly with the front lines in order to ship items that they specifically needed and requested. With that, I reached out to my friends and to the corporate contacts that I've made through my near 20 years as a business executive. In a matter of days, support for this mission was received with the energy of a tsunami and TroopsDirect was born.

Soon after, the gauge for measuring TroopsDirect’s support went from ‘boxes and pounds’ to ‘pallets and tons’. In the following months, a (very) high ranking military official stated that TroopsDirect was a game changer for his units and that an organization such as TroopsDirect comes around once in a generation of our military. Another military leader stated that we were saving lives on a daily basis. Hearing those words, we knew we were doing something right.

I encourage you to visit our 'Life Outside the Wire' page for a clearer understanding of what our troops experience on a daily basis. They were once those that grew up on your block, your former schoolmates and work colleagues. They voluntarily put themselves in harms way for you, our friends and neighbors, our sons and daughters and our nation every single day. Note that every photo you see and story that you read on was sent to us by the servicemembers we are committed to support.

TroopsDirect is not about endorsing war or the politics that may surround it. We are simply about providing for our servicemembers in an unprecedented manner. And until there is no more war, TroopsDirect will be there for our country and her servicemembers.

Thank you in advance for your support and contributions.

Aaron Negherbon
President & Founder




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