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Troops Direct April 2021 Update

Russia, China, Terrorists at the border, National Guardsmen shot, Iran nuclear program at full speed…and more. Our troops will be the ones to protect us and our allies. Without you, we have to say no to some of their requests. Aaron Negherbon: If you remember back in February, I put a video out, said, “What’s … Read more

2021 Update

Obama, Trump, Biden. The question I always get asked is, “what will happen to the troops under this adminstration?” Adversaries will test us. In the mean time we are supporting Americans on every continent. Support our troops, donate today.

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is upon us and we need your support. Hi! This is Aaron Negherbon, Founder & Executive Director of Troops Direct. As you know, every year Giving Tuesday is a very important part of helping us gain the support for what we do for our Americans around the globe. And remember, our service members … Read more

Honoring Our National Guard

When you think about it, our National Guard truly defines the term ‘last to know first to go’. Their training and equipment lack when compared to their enlisted brethren yet they are the first to face every threat our nation encounters within our shores. As you have seen in the past few months, our Guardsmen … Read more

Memorial Day – Remembering Our Friends

In the 10 years that Troops Direct has been serving our heroes around the globe, we have lost our share of friends. Some were just anonymous voices over a satellite phone or a name on an email and some others were brothers to us. It’s never easy to lose a friend but we look back … Read more

Frontlines Of COVID-19

Select Your Mission & Give NOW At Because Of YOU. We have been able to supply our ‘Homeland Heroes’ with over $300,000 of critically needed support. Masks, gloves, sanitizer, de-contaminant, CLIF Bars and more. Our National Guard is doing an outstanding job and Troops Direct is proud to support! Troops Direct supports our front … Read more